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SPS is led by Dr Petros Aristidou and is part of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering and Informatics at the Cyprus University of Technology.

We work on making future electric power systems sustainable, secure, and resilient. Our research brings together mathematical tools from the areas of numerical analysis and optimisation, with high performance computational tools and machine learning techniques, to tackle modern power system problems.

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[12/05/20] Three conference papers accepted for PSCC 2020!

[04/05/20] A new media article on the impact of COVID19 to the electricity consumption in Cyprus (in Greek).

[01/05/20] Two conference papers accepted for IEEE GM 2020!

[13/04/20] New journal paper on Stochastic Unit Commitment in Low-Inertia Grids published on IEEE Transactions on Power Systems.

[12/02/20] Seminar presentation on Data-driven decentralised control design in Active Distribution Networks at UCY.

Blog Posts

Cyprus electricity consumption analysis 2020

A brief analysis of load consumption during the COVID19 lockdown in Cyprus.

Platform for testing wide-area monitoring methods in electric power systems

A small example of using PyRAMSES for testing a voltage stability detection algorithm


Some of our ongoing and past research projects and tools


Data-driven Power System Methods

Research in the area of machine learning for power system applications

Low-inertia Grids

Research in the area of low-inertia grids

Modeling and Simulation

Advanced or dedicated methods for time simulation of electric power systems


Towards resilience and sustainability in islanded energy systems


Education for Renewables


Creating Resilient Sustainable Micro-Grids through Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems


Optimal Dispatch of Virtual Power Plant using Cyber-Physical Controller for Real-Time EMS


RApid Multiprocessor Simulation of Electric power Systems


An open-source, parametrizable, large-scale, combined, transmission and distribution test system

Recent Publications

(2020). Stochastic Unit Commitment in Low-Inertia Grids. IEEE Transactions on Power Systems.

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(2020). Active Distribution Grids Offering Ancillary Services in Islanded and Grid-Connected Mode. IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid.

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(2019). Online Estimation of Power System Inertia Using Dynamic Regressor Extension and Mixing. IEEE Transactions on Power Systems.

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