Experiment validation of a Microgrid model

Develop and test frequency control in a Smart Grid Lab

Development of a dynamic Microgrid model

Modelling and analysis of a dynamic Microgrid model for frequency studies.

Extensive Dynamic Studies of a Future Representative Great British Power Network

Modelling and analysis of Smart Grids

Graph-theoretic analysis of Smart Grids

Unleash the power of data science to support the development of Smart Grids.

Modelling and Comparison of Different HVDC Converter Technologies

Modelling and analysis of HVDC technologies.

How important are open-access models in Smart Grids?

Imagine having open-source models that you can test your research ideas, a new product, or computational tool, in a reproducible and transparent manner. Yes, it's possible!

A flexible, open source, power-flow solver

Building computational tools for Smart Grids.

Development of a low-cost MicroPMU (µPMU)

Increasing Smart Grid on-line awareness through remote sensing.

Development of a low-cost data logger for energy monitoring

Increasing Smart Grid awareness through remote sensing.

Visualising the future Smart Grids

Can you build a Human-machine interface for Smart Grids?