Graph-theoretic analysis of Smart Grids

Background and Objectives

Like all networked systems, electric power grids can be modelled with graph theory. This representation allows to extract valuable information from the system and its dynamic performance. In this project, you have to develop the tools to convert the responses coming from power system dynamic simulation software into a dynamic graph stream and visualize it.


  • A complete literature review concerning graph theory analysis in electric power systems.
  • An interface in Python that can convert the results from a power system dynamic simulation to a dynamic graph stream.
  • A graph visualisation tool that will produce graph representations from power system topologies.
  • All the code developed should be documented and published on GitHub under an MIT License1. The final code (along with all other supplementary files) should be published on Zenodo and the DOI included in the final report2.

Student profile

  • Good analytical skills.
  • Good programming skills (Python – or willingness to learn fast).

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Dr Petros Aristidou
Lecturer in Smart Energy Systems