Extensive Dynamic Studies of a Future Representative Great British Power Network


Modern power networks are under a great deal of modification due to the rise in renewable energy sources (RES) in recent years for a low-carbon future. These RES are interfaced with large scale power systems though power electronics and therefore do not contribute to the systems inertia which introduces new issues linked to the stability and security of future systems. These issues promote the use of large scale power system modelling tools to assess their dynamic behaviour and responses to disturbances for information to operators. However, since these changes are happening over a short amount of time, there is a need for a common GB test system model for stability studies to be used across various institutes to ensure all research on this matter is consistent with each other. Such models are however very complex and extensive testing and comparison with other existing work is required to see if this aim has the potential to be met. RAMSES1 will be used to carry out tests on a readily available GB system model that requires some changes to meet a new future scenario update and newly available data.


In this project, you will carry out extensive dynamic simulations of its behaviour for a range of disturbances. This can then be compared with other existing results to verify its behaviour.


  • Literature review of typical stability issues in large scale systems.
  • Contribute to an update of a large-scale Representative GB Power Network for future stability studies.
  • Test model for various disturbances and analyse dynamic behaviour for comparison and verification.
  • All the code developed should be documented and published on GitHub under an MIT License2.

Student profile

  • Good analytical skills.
  • Experience with modelling and simulation of power systems.

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Dr Petros Aristidou
Lecturer in Smart Energy Systems