A flexible, open source, power-flow solver


Modern Smart Grids rely on advanced computational tools to provide valuable information to the network operators. One of the most important tools used to ensure the security of Smart Grids are power flow. They analyse the behaviour of Smart Grid models in time after a disturbance has occurred (loss of generation, lightning hitting a line, etc.). These computational tools have been around for decades and are considered one of the most important tools in electric energy systems.


In this project, you are called upon to bring one such power flow solver to the 21st century. You will need to re-invent the power flow simulator ARTERE by implementing it in Python, using high performance numerical libraries.


  • A complete literature review including a comparison between different existing power flow solvers.
  • An implementation of ARTERE as a Python module PyARTERE.
  • All the code developed should be documented and published on GitHub under an MIT License1.

Student profile

  • Good analytical skills (Newton-type solution methods).
  • Good programming skills (Python or Julia or willingness to learn fast).

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Dr Petros Aristidou
Lecturer in Smart Energy Systems